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There are in fact numerous examples of people who can recall their previous lives.

In the West, there has been a lot of research into regressing people into previous lives through hypnosis, some of which can be corroborated historically. If we have an open mind to the subject of reincarnation, these books, available from any bookstore or library, can help us gain an understanding of the subject.

Some non-Buddhists argue that reincarnation does not exist because nobody is able to remember former lives. However, there are in fact numerous examples of people who can recall their previous lives. Although only highly realized meditators can remember everything about their previous lives, even some ordinary children remember certain details about their former life, such as their parents’ names and where they lived. Even in the West, it is not uncommon for children to recall a few details of their previous lives, but generally these are dismissed as childish fantasies and not investigated.

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How to Solve Our Human Problems

How to Solve Our Human Problems

In How to Solve Our Human Problems, Geshe Kelsang explains with characteristic clarity how we can easily apply the Four Noble Truths to our modern day lives and begin to experience the taste of true, lasting happiness…

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